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Harold's Dark LTD Craft Beer Pack

Harold's Dark LTD Craft Beer Pack

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Introducing our rotating limited craft beer packs from the best local and international craft brewers!

  • Experience a curated selection that is new and interesting
  • These beers are always Fresh AF
  • Enjoy 15% off when purchasing these packs
  • No signup or membership, just fresh limited beers at a great price

This pack contains the following beers:

  • Hawkers Double Bourbon Barrel Aged White Stout 9.7%
  • Molly Rose 'Grubby Paws' Dark Lager 5.2%
  • Hargreaves Hill R.I.S Imperial Stout 11.2%
  • Dainton 'Fudgement Day' Double Choc-Fudge Porter 7.5%
  • Bright Brewery Affogato Stout 5.5%
  • Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout 4.7% 
Packs are subject to change 
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