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Kinglake Distillery Single Malt Whisky 500ml

Kinglake Distillery Single Malt Whisky 500ml

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A mash-bill of four different malts, three from Griffiths NSW, one of which is roasted to chocolate, together with a heavily peated malt from the Scottish borders in the UK.
The cuts are deep to give the heavy, oily spirit we’re looking for.
Aged in small-format ex-bourbon barrels from Kentucky, re-coopered here in Australia.

  • We are an off-grid distillery, we use open ferments because we can due to the natural environment surrounding us. We stir the mash with a wooden paddle and shovel the spent grain etc. A labour of love.
  • Kinglake Distillery is the first and ONLY carbon neutral whisky in Australia and also gave 1/3 of our property to a charity to turn it back to bush. We make single malt whisky but want to have as little effect on the planet while making it 
  • We use water from a natural spring that rises on the property, one of very few Australia distilleries that do this. It’s totally under-filtered and has exactly right calcium and iron content for whisky.


Tasting Notes

Clean and aromatic, malted barley, melted dark chocolate, underlying floral notes and some light fruit sweetness.






Kinglake, VIC, Australia



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