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Proud Mary Angel Wings Coffee Beans 250g

Proud Mary Angel Wings Coffee Beans 250g

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The Angel Wings blend by Proud Mary is designed to cut through milk and create a sweet and caramelly latte or espresso. Its flavour profile is interesting and easy to brew - a real crowd pleaser!

Angel Wings is comprised of washed processed coffees from Central and South America. Currently is is comprised of coffees from El Salvador - brings the base notes of caramel and a buttery mouth feel, and Guatemala - brings the high fruity notes of orange citrus and stone fruit.

Proud Mary utilise only fresh seasonal components direct from their amazing producer partnerships at origin. Many hands have helped make this blend special, and by drinking Angel Wings, you are supporting a sustainable supply chain and our direct relationships with producers from El Salvador and Guatemala.
Tasting Notes

Caramel, orange citrus, stone fruit, & buttery


Coffee Beans


El Salvador & Guatemala



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