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Range Brewing Double Series Pack 3 x 440ml

Range Brewing Double Series Pack 3 x 440ml

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Double Series - grab all 3 for only $45

Double Disco
Style: Double IPA
We didn't know we could love DISCO anymore than we already do, but this beer confirms that indeed we can. We have doubled down on our beloved DISCO recipe to bring you Double Disco. A ridiculously lush and haaaaazy double IPA, absolutely popping with fresh Kiwi and US hops. It pours a deep orange that glows in the glass, with an incredibly dense haze. The hops in this one are singing! We get buckets of juicy melon, passionfruit and plenty of lychee to round things out. The body is full and creamy with the silkiest of mouthfeels that will coat your palate with juicy hop heaven. 8.8% ABV

Double Dreams
Style: Double IPA
Have you ever dreamt that you were dreaming? Had a dream inside a dream? Dreamt so hard it was twice as real? Well welcome to this beer, Double Dreams Double IPA. We've given the DIPA treatment to our first ever Forever Range IPA and boy is this baby packing a punch. Wave after wave after wave of intense tropical fruit rolls over the palate with every sip of this deep orange nectar. Intense notes of mango smoothies, creamy orange sherbet and the softest strawberry sunday vibes. An ultra soft and luxurious body brings a smooth mouthfeel and that juicy sweet finish we know and love. 8.8% ABV

Double Sunshine
Style: West Coast Double IPA
The sun is back right now. Summer is upon us and we are here for it. So we thought we'd double up on our little bud Sunshine to bring you an intensely hoppy and resinous West Coast Double IPA - so here's Double Sunshine. This one pours a pale golden yellow, with a beautiful white fluffy foam. From here, the hops take full control with deep citrus and pine aromas. Take a sip and be met with a full body and a distinct upfront bitterness that follows you all the way through. Big citrus vibes on the palate with orange peel, sticky mango and a healthy dose of resin and dank to round things out. The finish is pleasantly bitter with a good hop punch to remind you that you're drinking a Westy DIPA. ABV 8%

- Range Brewing




Newstead, Queensland



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