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Range Brewing x Garage Project Lights & Music TIPA 440ml

Range Brewing x Garage Project Lights & Music TIPA 440ml

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Lights & Music is a Triple IPA brewed in collaboration with cult NZ icons Garage Project from Wellington, NZ. Remaining the #1 rated beer in Australia, it was originally brewed for our 3rd birthday, to be a punchy, juicy and luxurious TIPA. We've brought it back for another spin because, well, it's awesome. This year's version is dry-hopped with our hand selected Freestyle Hops Motueka plus the freshest Citra and Galaxy we could lay our hands on.

Lights & Music is about as smooth and tropical as anything we've ever made. It pours into the glass with a deep, saturated, milky haze. Straight up on the nose, this beer punches out aromas of lime, peach and grapefruit, which can be smelt from a mile away. The mouthfeel is thick, slick and velvety all the way from the front to the back of the palate, with a dense and creamy mouthfeel. Motueka and Citra take centre stage bringing wave after wave of soft and luscious overripe mango, melon, lime, passionfruit and peach. The finish is smooth and has a tropical intensity that hangs around long after each sip. An annual release that we spend all year looking forward to, we believe this is easily the best batch yet. They say it’s impossible to improve on perfection but we’ve found a way. 

ABV: 10%
Hops: Citra Cryo, Citra, FSH Motueka, Galaxy

- Range Brewing


Triple Hazy IPA







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