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Vinteloper Shiraz Pinot Rosé 2023

Vinteloper Shiraz Pinot Rosé 2023

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80% Shiraz / 20% Pinot Noir

"Perfectly pale, the colour of our ‘23 is a window into the crisp, minerally style we’ve settled on. The aromatic opening features fresh fruit, white flowers and a tiny hint of ground white pepper. Building from there the palate brings in layers of Watermelon, cumquat and star fruit.
Texturally there’s added intrigue, as it resembles biting into a slice of fresh lime, buzzing over the tongue.
A Rose that possesses a refined subtlety. Our invitation to slow down and appreciate the moment." - Vinteloper

Tasting Notes

Peach/salmon hue. Watermelon, strawberry, spiced pomegranate, Nashi pear. Finish with a touch of sherbet fizz. Crisp start, fresh flinty finish. Unmatched refreshment.






Adelaide Hills, South Australia



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