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23rd St. Yuzu Gin 700ml

23rd St. Yuzu Gin 700ml

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23rd St Distillery's Yuzu Gin is a craft gin that comes in a 700ml bottle. It is made with a unique blend of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, and lemon myrtle, as well as the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu.

Yuzu is a small, sour citrus fruit that is often used in Japanese cuisine. It has a distinct flavour that is both tart and aromatic, with notes of grapefruit and mandarin.

The yuzu in 23rd St Distillery's Yuzu Gin adds a unique and complex flavour to the gin, complementing the traditional botanicals and adding a bright citrus note. The gin has a smooth and well-balanced flavour profile, with a combination of citrus, spice, and juniper notes.


Yuzu Gin




South Australia



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