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Curatif Cocktails Saville Row Cosmopolitan 130ml

Curatif Cocktails Saville Row Cosmopolitan 130ml

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There are famous cocktails, and then there are super-famous cocktails. Without question, the Cosmopolitan is the latter. Having originally achieved fame in the Miami bars and clubs of the 1980s, this cocktail’s stratospheric leap into popularity occurred thanks to its regular cameos on hit 90s show Sex and the City.

This classic cosmo contains:
 - Grainshaker Citron
 - Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao
 - Fresh Cranberry Juice
 - Fresh Lime Juice
 - Rose Water
 - Sugar

Tasting Notes

The brilliantly considered composition of native ingredients alongside bold authentic citrus develops an elegant foundation for the dry and candied elements of Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao to impart a burnt orange background upon which the cranberry and lime becomes sherbet in texture and tone. With delicate floral tones playing harmony to its carnivale melody this is a joyously intentional party drink.






Melbourne, VIC, Australia



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