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HAB Pasilla Morita Hot Sauce 148ml

HAB Pasilla Morita Hot Sauce 148ml

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It's rich, earthy, smoky and just the slightest bit sweet. The sauce is kind of mild so Hab added some serrano peppers to bring up the heat just a little.

Pasilla – which means “little raisin” in Spanish – tastes unsurprisingly like raisins, earthy and sweet with a hint of smoky cocoa. Dried Morita chile peppers are a variety of Capsicum annuum that are almost synonymous with chipotles. They are a red-ripe jalapeño pepper that has been smoked, but the main difference is that dried Morita chile pepper is smoked for less time, leaving it softer and retaining a modest fruity flavour.

The sauce goes so well on chicken, carnitas, steak, potatoes, eggs and just about anything. It's the kind of flavour you can use to really bring a richness to dishes without having to put in much effort.

Tasting Notes

A little spicy but still holds so much flavour. Has a slight sweetness from the carrots with a bold and rich garlicky taste.


Hot Sauce


Portland, Oregon, USA



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