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Molly Rose Mazza & Mozza Aperitivo IPA 375ml

Molly Rose Mazza & Mozza Aperitivo IPA 375ml

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A Molly Rose West Coast IPA was hanging out on the patio with some Marionette bitter curacao and decided they should work together on something..
This IPA was born! Our 'Not Wasted' Series use waste products from like minded drinks businesses. 

The resulting West Coast IPA boasts a hazy golden hue and a resilient white head. It combines fresh zesty hoppy aromas with subtle sweet & bitter orange peel notes, delivering a fresh citrus punch in every sip. It has a medium body, and clean, crisp bitterness which leaves you wanting more. - Molly Rose

Tasting Notes

Caramelised orange, lime zest, zesty hoppy aromas


Aperitivo West Coast IPA




Collingwood, VIC



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