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Working Title - Fracture Series Mixed Pack 4 x 500ml

Working Title - Fracture Series Mixed Pack 4 x 500ml

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A series of experimental hop extracts by the boffins at Freestyle Hops in NZ. Taking a Hazy NZ base, loaded with creamy Oats and soft Wheat Malt, hopped with Motueka, Rakau and Riwaka in a cold WP and DDH, then split four ways and infused with various Hop Kiefs. An experimentalist’s experiment where everything is mostly the same, except the Hop Kief used.

Kohia Motueka is Motueka blended with dried Passionfruit. Lemon-lime citrus from the Motueka compliments some nice passionfruit and soft tropical fruit flavours. The Kohia has really bought out some interesting flavours from the Motueka.

Maui Nelson is Nelson blended with dried Pineapple. Pineapple is soft and integrated nicely with the tropical fruits, lemon, lime and orange zest, gooseberry and stone fruit characters. The complexity as it warms is stunning.

Kohia Nelson is harvest Nelson blended with dried passionfruit. Loaded with free thiols the intensity of passionfruit and tropical flavours is off the charts. Some low level banana and soft stone fruits like lychee play nicely in the background.

Riwaka is a super intense, insanely unique NZ varietal. The Hop Kief just rams home that Riwaka intensity with classic citrus flavours, some nice orange sherbet and the classic NZ diesel dank speciality.

4 x 500ml Cans

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Newstead, QLD, Australia



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